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Ali Bradley

Ali Bradley joined NewsNation as a Southwest correspondent in July of 2022.

Ali has been working in television news since 2010 and was primarily an anchor until she went independent as a journalist in 2021. For the last year, Ali could be found covering the U.S. Southern Border, working alongside her carefully cultivated sources to bring light to the issues impacting so many right now.

Ali’s desire to get answers to her questions led her to walk with a caravan of nearly 6,000 people for two weeks in southern Mexico. Ali has also covered the horrific school shooting in Uvalde, homelessness in Seattle, and the Afghanistan evacuation and Operation Allies.

Ali is from Oso, Washington. She graduated from the Edward R. Murrow School of Communications at Washington State University.

Ali’s family and her faith are two of the most important things to her— The other two are named Bob and Phyllis, a cocker spaniel and a cavalier King Charles spaniel. Ali is relocating to Arizona with the pups to be closer to issues along the border.

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