Jina Chung Mackin

As the Executive Producer of “Banfield,” Jina oversees the editorial vision and workflow of highly regarded news veteran, Ashleigh Banfield’s live primetime show. She manages the show’s content, direction, and brand, pushing her team to leave no story unturned, no question unasked, and no detail unexamined to deliver timely, smart, balanced, informative, and entertaining stories to our audience every night.

Jina is a Media, Television, and Production veteran with over two decades of experience. A lifelong Chicagoan, she is an Emmy-winning producer, proven leader, and creative innovator. Before joining NewsNation’s “Banfield,” her body of work spans local news, commercials, film, and podcasts in addition to award-winning, nationally syndicated talk shows including The Steve Harvey Show, Judge Mathis, and more. A proud University of Missouri-Columbia grad, she is a champion of compelling human stories, a professional multi-tasker and a busy mom of three girls.