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American doctor saves Ukrainian newborns in war zone

(NewsNation) — Dr. Bill Novick is not your average doctor.

The world-renowned pediatric and cardiac surgeon recently traveled from Memphis, Tennessee to Lviv, Ukraine to help treat six tiny babies.

Novick received a message that the babies were past the comfort level of the Ukrainian doctors treating them at the time, so he and his team decided to pack up and fly straight into the war zone.

Photo credit: Novick Cardiac Alliance

“When they called, you could hear the desperation in the surgeon’s voice. He had, at that time, four newborns that his team was not cable of operating on and asked if we could do something.”

Novick has had experience in quite a few war zones, and he’s been treating patients since 1993.

“I knew where the fighting was taking place, and I felt like the risk assessment from our side was that we would be able to get in and get out without any harm coming to our team members.”

Photo credit: Novick Cardiac Alliance

Getting out was even more dangerous than getting in due to an early morning evacuation to Krakow, Poland under emergency guard.

“We didn’t know if we were actually going to get out. Everybody was sort of afraid to pick us up and drive us out. The administrative defense sent a bus over.”

Novak and his team are now safe, currently treating more patients in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

To donate to his team, go to Cardiac-Aliance.Org.


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