Anthropologist behind TV’s ‘Bones’ digs into the Laundrie remains


CHICAGO (NewsNation Now) — Dr. Kathy Reichs, a forensic anthropologist whose books inspired the hit TV show “Bones,” says there is a chance we may never know how and when Brian Laundrie died.

“If it doesn’t touch a bone, then you’re not going to derive anything from the skeleton,” Reichs said on “Banfield.” “There are many types of death that don’t leave anything in the bones, poisoning is not going to leave anything in the bones, unless it’s very long term, if you’re gut stabbed and you just bleed out.”

The Laundrie family lawyer said Monday that Brian Laundrie’s cause of death is still under investigation as anthropologists examine his remains. Investigators have not said exactly what condition the remains were in when they found them Wednesday. Sources have told NewsNation they were bones and a partial skull.

Reichs says she’s worked on many cases similar to this.

“They will be looking for sharp instrument trauma, stabbing, slashing,” Reichs said. “They will be looking for blunt instrument trauma, they will be looking, of course, for gunshot trauma. And those, of course, are going to give you some information about manner of death.”

She also said anthropologists will be looking at where the bones were located.

“Animals tend to drag things around or even, you know, fly away a little bit and drop it at some distance from from the body,” Reichs said.

The other thing they will be looking into is the time of death.

“The anthropologist is probably going to work with an entomologist, a forensic entomologist who’s a bug specialist, kind of like we had on Bones, and a forensic botanist,” Reichs said. “Is there vegetation growth above the bones, above the belongings that were in the vicinity of the body? All of those things are going to help in determining when Brian Laundrie died.”

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