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Are we dating the same guy? Facebook group has many members

(NewsNation) — Thanks to the growing popularity of Facebook groups called “Are We Dating the Same Guy?” it’s that much easier to find out if your partner is cheating.

They’re city-specific groups in which women are posting photos of their partners and asking if anyone else has an inside scoop.

San Diego, Boston and Miami all have thousands of members, and the page for New York City has 36.9K members.

In order to join a group, you have to be approved. You’re asked if you live in the specific city and if you promise to follow group rules.

The New York City page description reads:

“This group is a place for women to protect and empower other women while warning each other of men who might be liars, cheaters, abusers, or exhibit any type of toxic or dangerous behavior.

There will be three main uses of this page:

  • It is also a safe space for relationship support and advice in general.-It can be used as a place where girls can warn other girls about toxic men.
  • It can also be used to inquire about men you’re seeing or who you just met to see if anyone has had any experiences with that person / to check to see if anyone posted any warnings about a man.
  • It is also a safe space for relationship support and advice in general.”

NewsNation’s “Banfield” spoke with a woman who recently scrolled right past a guy on the FB page she says she had a bad encounter with a couple years ago.

In 2020, Crystal Tushinsky connected with a guy named Kevin from Long Island when he randomly sent her a text “as a mistake” but then proceeded to ask her out. Tushinsky is a hair stylist who receives texts from random numbers all the time, so she didn’t think much of it at first.

After some online digging, Tushinsky found out he was married. She shut things down. Two years later, she saw his face again. This time it was on the NYC’s “Are We Dating the Same Guy?” Facebook page.

“I actually went past the post twice. And I was, like, ‘Wait, that picture of him and his wife is so familiar.’ I went back to my text, and I realized that he was the guy who texted me. I was, like, that is wild. And then another woman posted and said that he did the exact same thing to her,” Tushinsky said Wednesday on “Banfield.”


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