Attorney on Ana Walshe: We’re far from the finish line

(NewsNation) — Despite growing evidence in the missing Ana Walshe murder case, attorney Duncan Levin told NewsNation’s “Banfield” on Tuesday night that “this is the opposite of a perfect murder.”

Brian Walshe, 47, the husband of missing Boston mom-of-three Ana Walshe, has been charged with murder and the improper transport of a body, the Norfolk County District Attorney announced Tuesday.

Court documents showed his ankle monitor, which he was mandated to wear in relation to a previous fraud conviction, showed he went to Home Depot, where investigators found he purchased hundreds of dollars of cleaning supplies.

Walshe’s mother’s home is near a trash transfer station where investigators say evidence was found. They’ve also located a broken and bloody knife in the basement of the Walshe home.

Levin says that prosecutors must focus on proving that there was a murder and that Brian was the one who committed it.

A number of problems could surface preventing this when investigating forensics, DNA evidence and cellphone technology, according to Levin.

“We’re far from the finish line even though when everyone looks at it they say, ‘How could you be this bad at planning a murder?'” Levin added.

Michael Alcazar, a retired detective with the New York Police Department, weighed in on NewsNation’s “Rush Hour” and said that Walshe “made it easy for police” to arrest him.

Walshe is expected to be arraigned in court Wednesday.

Until then, investigators are going to “cover all their bases,” Alcazar said, by making sure evidence is processed correctly, protected and presented for courtroom testimony.


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