Banfield: Experts break down the real-life true crime of the Murdaugh murders; Airlines see a spike in bad behavior


For a long time most of us couldn’t go pretty much anywhere, but now we can move again, meet again, fly again, and unfortunately, misbehave again. So far this year, airlines have reported almost 3,000 cases of unruly passengers to the FAA, ranging from the truly dangerous to the stupidly violent. We hear from experts and witnesses about what’s going on.

And the Murdaugh family ran South Carolina’s 14th Circuit Solicitor’s Office for three generations, but that very office now overseeing a very high-profile murder investigation: the double murder of Paul Murdaugh, 22, and his mother Maggie Murdaugh on property owned by their family a week ago. An all-star panel breaks down what lies ahead in this real-life true-crime drama.

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