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‘BTK’ killer’s daughter was ‘sick’ to learn about Kohberger

(NewsNation) — Kerri Rawson, the daughter of serial killer Dennis Rader, said that since the Idaho killings happened, she’s applying her knowledge to advocate for murder victims and their families.

“If I can speak up and educate then maybe we can catch these guys quicker. Maybe we can stop them,” Rawson said Tuesday during an exclusive interview with NewsNation’s Brian Entin on “Banfield.”

“Any impact they (Idaho quadruple murder victims) would’ve had on the world, alive, is gone,” she said, and that crimes such as that don’t “register to anybody ‘normal.'”

Rawson has drawn multiple comparisons between her father, accused Idaho killer Bryan Kohberger and convicted killer Alex Murdaugh.

Kohberger, who was a graduate student at Washington State University’s Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology at the time of the killings, also studied criminology during his time at DeSales University in Center Valley, Pennsylvania.

He studied under an academic who is a serial killer expert. Dr. Katherine Ramsland is a forensic psychologist who has spent decades researching serial killers and mass murderers.

She is known for having developed a close relationship with Rader, more commonly known as “BTK,” which stands for bind, torture and kill.

In 2005, Rader was convicted of killing 10 people from 1974 to1991. Kohberger likely studied the “BTK” murders, and it remains a mystery if the two ever actually had any contact.

Rawson also spoke with Entin in January. Since that interview, she said that couple of news outlets reached out to her father, asking him if he ever had any contact with Kohberger, to which he has responded “no.” She says her father hasn’t had direct contact with Kohberger that she knows of, but it’s impossible to say for sure.

“As far as we know, my father hasn’t had direct contact with Kohberger, but we don’t have proof,” Rawson told Entin. “My father likes to play games and is a pathological liar. He likes the attention from the media. … It’s impossible to say right now.”

Rawson said it’s a “typical game” her father likes to play with the media where he’ll do whatever he can to “keep people on the line” to keep contacting him.

Rawson also drew comparison’s to convicted killer Alex Murdaugh’s sentence and the reported aftermath of media harassment.

Buster Murdaugh filed a police report alleging media harassment.

Rawson hopes that people will leave Buster alone.

“He needs to be respected right now. He needs time to process and grieve and when he’s ready to talk, he will.”

Rawson said she’s still coming to terms with what her father did and encourages anyone experiencing something similar to “allow yourself to grieve.”


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