Costas defends Simone Biles’ Olympic performance


(NewsNation Now) — Bob Costas, the well-known American sportscaster, added his words of support to the chorus of praise for athlete Simone Biles, who famously withdrew from several gymnastic events at this summer’s Tokyo Olympic Games after experiencing what she described as “the twisties.”

Costas, as guest on “Banfield” and the prime-time host of Olympic Games from 1992 to 2016, said the twisties are a real phenomenon, when, “There’s a disconnect between your mind and your body.”

Olympics gymnasts perform maneuvers that are “potentially dangerous,” Costas noted, and can result in injuries up to and including paralysis if not executed perfectly.

“It’s reasonable to assume” Biles’ withdrawal was caused by a “combination of factors, stress among them. She could no longer be sure that she could execute the maneuvers without some sort of serious injuries.

“She realized it was greatly disappointing … she was a supreme artist in her particular discipline.”

Biles, initially criticized by some viewers for letting down her team and country, has since been widely praised for her focus on safety, mental health and perseverance. Biles did win bronze on the balance beam, as well as silver with the United States team.

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