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Couple celebrates 100th birthdays, 79th anniversary

(NewsNation) — Hubert and June Malicote met at a neighborhood church in 1941 and married in 1943. In June, they celebrated 79 years of marriage. When asked how the marriage has lasted so long, Hubert said they have never had an argument.

“It happened so quickly, so easily,” Hubert said during an appearance Wednesday night on NewsNation’s “Banfield.” “You just wake up one day, and that’s what it is.”

Their children also say they’ve never heard harsh words spoken between their parents.

“Knowing them, and just how smoothly it all ran. I have to agree, they must not have ever quarreled. They just knew how to make it all work,” daughter Jo Malicote said on “Banfield.”

June turned 100 on July 13, and Hubert will turn 100 on Saturday.

NewsNation asked Hubert what the secret is to their lasting love.

“A good discussion takes the place of a bad argument. In situations that seem to be getting out of hand, maybe take a walk. Come back with a different attitude. Make amends. Be loving and kind in … all of that discussion,” Hubert said.

He also says they always share a kiss before bedtime.


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