Family found bloody clothing, ledger on Oklahoma property

  • Family members found ‘horrifying things’ at Jesse McFadden’s home
  • Bloody clothing, a ledger and cellphones under floorboards were discovered
  • One loved one said: ‘Nothing can prepare anyone for what we had to find’

(NewsNation) — Family members of Oklahoma murder victims say they found “horrifying things” Friday in Jesse McFadden’s rural home near Henryetta, Oklahoma.

Lynn Wiatt, the aunt of four victims, spoke to NewsNation host Ashleigh Banfield about the disturbing discoveries in what’s being described as a “house of horrors.” Warning: Video attached to this story may be uncomfortable to watch.

Bloody children’s clothing, a ledger with what appeared to be names and ages, cellphones hidden under floorboards, a four-inch stack of pictures, and restraints taped to the back of a dresser were among some of the findings, Wiatt told Banfield during an emotional interview Monday evening.

“Nothing can prepare anyone for what we had to find,” Wiatt said in tears.

Wiatt said while planning the funeral for her loved ones, the landlord of the house called and said they had three days to retrieve their belongings. Three family members, including Wiatt, went to the house.

“We found bones. We found a notebook ledger with the names. We found other things. The other family members came, the police came. We found a lot of horrifying things,” Wiatt said.

She said the ledger included names and what looked like ages or numbers. She turned it over to police because she knew it was “something important.”

“The most probably disturbing evidence I found that day as I pulled a dresser out and behind it was a towel with duct tape all around it and I pulled it in, it was restraints. Velcro restraints, unlike the other restraints, which was laying all through the house. This one was taped to the back of the dresser,” Wiatt said. “I asked the deputy that was on the scene if he wanted it. He said, ‘This is not an active crime scene. It’s solved. If you don’t want it, put it in the dumpster.’”

Police initially released the crime scene and allegedly missed the items found by family.

Wiatt said family members found the first set of bloody clothing in a closet. They put all of the clothing they found in garbage bags for investigators.

She also reported finding four binders full of pictures.

“I’m just trying to be so sensitive. I don’t even know if I can publicly say some of things, if it can be on TV,” Wiatt told Banfield.

Out of respect for the victims, Wiatt did not comment on the nature of the photos and said they were turned over to police.

“I’m not a crime scene investigator. I’m not a police officer. I should not have had to see those things. I’m not sleeping. I’m not eating,” Wiatt said.

Authorities said Jesse McFadden, a registered sex offender, shot his wife, Holly Guess, her children; Tiffany Guess, Michael Mayo, and Rylee Allen, along with their friends; Brittany Brewer and Ivy Webster. McFadden shot them before turning the gun on himself, detectives said.

The scene has since been resealed by investigators, and the case has reportedly been handed over to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations.


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