Exclusive: Former associate says ‘we know the names’ in Epstein eight


(NewsNation) — NewsNation’s Brian Entin spoke with former Jeffrey Epstein associate Christina Oxenberg about the discussions she had with Epstein’s partner Ghislaine Maxwell, including talk of secret recordings involving some famous people.

Maxwell was sentenced to 20 years in prison on Tuesday for helping Epstein’s sex trafficking operation. She’s been accused of grooming vulnerable girls, as young as 14, for Epstein and keeping a meticulous little black book of the rich and famous people he dealt with. 

In February, one of those men, Prince Andrew, settled a sexual abuse lawsuit with Virginia Giuffre, who says she was groomed and trafficked by Epstein and Maxwell.

Eight other powerful men, also known as “the Epstein eight” were named by Giuffre in that sealed lawsuit against the prince.

Oxenberg is Prince Andrew’s cousin and a former friend of Maxwell. She believes Maxwell has worked secret deal and will end up in the United Kingdom.

Below is a full transcript of the interview, edited for grammar and clarify.

Brian Entin: Do you think we’ll ever find out the names? Do you have any idea who they are?

Christina Oxenberg: I think we know the names. They are former presidents, a very mouthy lawyer who lives in Boston. They are on the flight logs in the little black book. However, are they more responsible than Ghislaine? I am not a victim, so I’m going to see things differently.

Brian Entin: Even if they’re not more responsible, if they were still a participant, at times, with some of these girls, shouldn’t their names be made public?

Christina Oxenberg: Well, the answer of course is yes. Everything should be public, and all bad people should be punished. I’m all for it. You know, sex rings have gone on forever. This is not new. This has nothing to do with privilege and money. This particular group was to satisfy Jeffrey’s proclivity for underaged girls. That’s the problem with the whole thing. If Jeffrey had just wanted beautiful young ladies, there’s no problem. But he liked children.

Since 1993, I knew that she (Maxwell) and Jeffrey used a private plane because that was another instance where I spent three months with them. They were on the plane every weekend. And in ’97, in this crazy meeting, she said (Maxwell told Oxenberg) the plane is hooked up with audio and video. (Maxwell told Oxenberg) “We have everyone on tape.” Why is she eliciting things that in the years to come would be massively incriminating? I didn’t think to ask, who do you mean by everyone? I figured she meant anyone who wouldn’t want to be on tape.

Brian Entin: Where do you think all those tapes are now?

Christina Oxenberg: I think there’s certainly more than one copy of anything. They must have also been updated. There would obviously be more than one copy.

Brian Entin: Now that she’s been sentenced, and she’s on her way to federal prison for 20 years, do you think she’s going to start naming names? Do you think she’s going to tell people where those tapes are?

Christina Oxenberg: I think all the deals have already been made. I don’t know anything; this is just my hunch. I think the deals have been made already, and that’s why she’s alive. Because Jeffrey died on August 10th, in the morning. But on August 9th, which was a Friday, his lawyer came out on the steps of the courthouse and said Jeffrey’s gonna start naming names. And he was dead in the morning.

Brian Entin: Do you think she’s at risk right now?

Christina Oxenberg: No I don’t. I mean, she may want to self-harm. That I cannot speak for. I think the deals have already been made.

And she is being rewarded, already of the 20 years that you mentioned for her sentence, already two have been taken off because of time served. She’s going to be transferred to the U.K., 100%. I do believe that will happen, and once she’s there, she’ll sail out the back door.

Brian Entin: Is there just that many powerful people behind the scenes doing secret things? What is going on?

Christina Oxenberg: Well, when you say “why doesn’t she out the list?” Why would she? They’re all on the same team. They’re helping her.

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