Former FBI official discusses NYC subway shooting


NEW YORK (NewsNation) — Chris Swecker, the former assistant director of the FBI Criminal Investigations Unit who led the search for the Olympic Park bomber Eric Rudolph, discussed the NYC subway shooting Tuesday on NewsNation’s “Banfield.”

“There are some similarities. The event happened in such a way that there weren’t a lot of witnesses. That’s what happened with Eric Rudolph,” according to Swecker.

The former FBI agent said that almost in every instance of a mass shooter, there are missed opportunities to do something.

“Most of these mass shooters are flashing red, and if you look back on the posts that he’s done on social media, you can see there’s a lot of very disturbing stuff there, and nobody said anything about it. “

Swecker acknowledges, though, that in this case, the New York Police Department has a diminished and understaffed force. He questions if the attack was more bold because of that.

A $50,000 reward has been issued for information leading to the arrest of the man named as a person of interest in the case.

NYPD commissioner said during a news conference Tuedsay that the attack is not being investigated as terrorism.

“I’m not sure she understands the definition of terrorism, which is trying to affect a political or social change through violent means. And if this person has an ideology, and that’s driving what he did … he is a domestic terrorist,” Swecker said.

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