Former FBI profiler: ‘Don’t overinterpret’ ID killing details


(NewsNation) — University of Idaho stabbing victim Kaylee Goncalves` injuries were “significantly more brutal” than those of her best friend Madison Mogen, sources told NewsNation on Sunday.

Former FBI profiler Gregg McCrary says it’s important that people “don’t overinterpret the information.” McCrary highlighted a case that he’s worked on where one victim had been subjected to “the most violence,” but it turned out that victim had just put up the most resistance.

“It’s important not to get tunnel vision on a given hypothesis. It’s important to have multiple competing hypotheses, and then let the evidence sort that out and support one, maybe dismiss the other. You have to be careful,” McCray said.

McCrary added that it would take a lot of rage for someone to have committed the murder. He says the attacker could be someone the victims knew or someone that knew them, but not very well.

So far, police in Moscow, Idaho, have received 2,645 emailed tips, 2,770 phone tips and 1,084 digital media submissions. Authorities ask that the public be cautious about speculation.

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