Breaking down Baldwin’s first TV interview since ‘Rust’ set shooting

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Breaking down Baldwin's first TV interview since 'Rust' set shooting

(NewsNation Now) — Alec Baldwin opened up in his first TV interview and may have locked himself into a defense just weeks after a deadly shooting that’s already gotten him sued and may get him charged, A star-studded panel joins joins “Banfield” to weigh in.

Criminal defense attorney Trent Copeland and longtime Hollywood publicist Roger Neal talk about whether the interview was a good idea.

Steve Wolf, a firearms expert and stunt coordinator, discusses how likely it is that Baldwin did not pull the trigger, a claim the actor made during the interview.

Criminal defense lawyer Mark Geragos talks about what the interview means moving forward.

Filmmaker, musician and “Dukes of Hazzard” star John Schneider reacts to Baldwin’s claims, including no feelings of guilt.

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