Cadaver dog called in to search for Brian Laundrie; breaking down the latest in the Murdaugh saga

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CHICAGO (NewsNation Now) — Investigators called in a cadaver dog to search for possible remains of Brian Laundrie in a Florida swamp that has been ground zero in the search for him after he was named a person of interest in Gabby Petito’s homicide.

Searchers have spent well over a million dollars looking for Laundrie in that swamp since the day his parents say he went hiking and never came home. Will this single cadaver dog be able to do what dozens and dozens of law enforcement officers with the best tracking equipment have thus far been unable to do?

Or could this be the final red flag that Brian Laundrie was never in that swamp to begin with?

NewsNation’s Brian Entin delivers a live report from outside the Laundrie family home. Also, Ashleigh Banfield takes viewers’ questions about the case live on air.

Also, now we know why Alex Murdaugh didn’t sport a gaping wound when we saw him in court a mere 12 days after he supposedly was shot in the head. The man accused of shooting him says if he had actually done the deed, Murdaugh would be dead.

South Carolina lawyer Eric Bland, whose legwork on behalf of the sons of housekeeper Gloria Satterfield may well have helped bring about the newest legal migraine for Alex Murdaugh, joins “Banfield.”

Steve Helling, People magazine senior writer, joins the show with the latest on Curtis Smith — the man charged with shooting Murdaugh.

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