Controversial police chief resigns, Jerry Falwell Jr. scandal saga, expert discusses ‘financial infidelity’

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Controversial police chief resigns, Jerry Falwell Jr. scandal saga, expert discuss ‘financial infidelity’

(NewsNation Now) — There’s a major update to a story “Banfield” covered in-depth last week.

The story was about a town that was raking in money while nailing just about every single traffic violation it could think of — equating to about half of the entire town’s budget.

Now, the police chief of Brookside, Alabama has resigned.

Mike Jones was accused of building a police empire in that tiny town, according to an investigation by the news outlet

Jones’ police force is currently facing at least five lawsuits, accusing officers of harassment, racist language, fabricating charges and even “making up laws.”

On Tuesday, representatives from the little town of about 1,200 people released the following statement:

“This will confirm that earlier today, Mike Jones resigned as the Police Chief for the Town of Brookside. Since this involves a personnel matter, the Town has no further comment.”  

Also, we discuss the rapid rise and fall of Jerry Falwell, Jr. The former president of the ultra-religious Liberty University is opening up about the sex affair and ensuing scandal that cost him his position as evangelical leader and political kingmaker.

Dana Kennedy of the New York Post joins the show to discuss the story.

Financial therapist Amanda Clayman joins Ashleigh to discuss “financial infidelity.”

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