Could the search for Brian Laundrie be back to square one? Joel Lambert discusses the manhunt

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CHICAGO (NewsNation Now) — Nearly a month after Brian Laundrie slipped out of his parent’s home under the watchful eye of the police, the investigation may be back to square one.

North Port police say they’ve found no trace of him in the Carlton Reserve, the swamp they’ve been searching since his parents reported him missing on Sept. 17.

Could it be Laundrie was never there in the first place?

The announcement comes a day after Laundrie’s father went to the swamp, his lawyer says, to help point out his son’s frequent hiking spots. Maybe the experience they had in the swamp confirms for the cops they’re looking in the wrong place?

NewsNation’s Brian Entin joined “Banfield” from outside the Laundrie family home with a live report.

For many television viewers and online followers, Laundrie is the most wanted man in America. But the title of “television’s most hunted man” belongs to Joel Lambert. Lambert was a Navy SEAL for10 years and was the star of the show “Lone Target.” In each episode, he had 48 hours to elude the best fugitive trackers in the world.

Lambert joined Banfield on Friday night’s episode of “Banfield.”

Also, the host takes a look at the state of policing in America.

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