How to catch a wanted man using psychology, former fugitive on life on the run and remembering Colin Powell

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(NewsNation Now) — One month into the manhunt and there’s not a single trace of Brian Laundrie. How is that possible, especially since his face has been plastered on every TV across the country? 

Meanwhile. the protesters aren’t letting up at the little yellow bungalow where the Laundrie parents live. Now, Brian’s father is facing a lawsuit because those protests might just be getting under his skin. NewsNation’s Brian Entin joins us live from outside the home with the latest developments.

Dr. Michael Bourke, former chief psychologist for the United States Marshals Service, also joins the show. He created the behavior analysis unit for the marshals. It was his job to help find fugitives such as Laundrie.

And Seth Ferrenti spent two years on the run after faking his own death rather than face the consequences of going to prison for 20-plus years and having to rat on his friends for drug dealing. He talks to us about what Laundire must be going through.

Plus, there’s a side of Colin Powell you may have never seen — the sweeter side of America’s top soldier who died Monday at 84 years old.

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