How to keep your social media accounts safe, IVF mixups, YouTubers find car linked to missing woman

Banfield: Full Episodes

(NewsNation Now) — On “Banfield,” Ashleigh describes how her Twitter account was hacked. The unknown person changed her profile picture, erased her bio and deleted all tweets dating back to 2015. Then, they began posting scam giveaways to her account.

It also happened a while back to Ashleigh’s senior story editor, Paula Froelich. They both weigh in on internet security.

Almost 80,000 babies are born in this country every year who wouldn’t have been conceived had their parents not had clinical help.

Assisted reproductive technology, as it’s called, accounts for roughly 2% of all babies born in the U.S. According to the best available data, it almost always goes right.

So what’s the problem? “Banfield” takes a look into in vitro fertilization mixups.

Divers from a popular YouTube channel discovered a vehicle in a Florida retention pond Wednesday. The discovery led to an investigation into a death involving a missing person case after deputies found a body inside.

NewsNation’s Brian Entin joins the show with a live report.

Also, Doug Bishop, lead diver with Adventures with Purpose, the group that helped in the case, joins the show.

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