Julius Jones’ life spared, developments in Arbery and Rittenhouse trials

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CHICAGO (NewsNation Now) — Julius Jones is still alive. It’s the news for which he, his family and their legions of supporters had prayed.

He was scheduled to die by lethal injection at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary in McAlester. In fact, he had already been moved to a cell just adjacent to the execution chamber.

But just four hours before he was scheduled to die, Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt stepped in with a clemency order that converts Jones’ sentence from death to life in prison. But there’s a catch.

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As of now, Jones has no possibility of parole, pardon or further commutation by a future governor.

When he was just 19, Jones was convicted of killing a man named Paul Howell in 1999. His trial defense was slipshod; his own lawyer admitted it. Later, his co-defendant confessed to other inmates that he, not Jones, was the killer.

NewsNation’s Markie Martin joins “Banfield” for the latest on the story.

Kelli Masters, an attorney who has been part of the legal fight to spare Julius Jones’ life and Oklahoma lawmakers Kevin McDugle and George Young also weigh in.

Julius’ mother, his sister, and his minister also join “Banfield.”

Also on the legal front discussion: a tale of two trials in the north and the south.

As the jury in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial concluded their third day of deliberations, the defense rested in the Ahmaud Arbery trial.

Brian Entin reports from Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Royals commentator Hilary Fordwich joins “Banfield” to discuss Meghan Markle’s appearance on “Ellen.”

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