Last US troops leave Afghanistan, Ida shatters power grid, and farewell to Ed Asner

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CHICAGO (NewsNation Now) — For the first time since the first week of October, 2001, the U.S. does not have a military presence in Afghanistan. Now, the Taliban are in complete control of their country.

Wesley Clark, a former NATO Supreme Allied Commander whose scores of awards and decorations include the Presidential Medal of Freedom, joins “Banfield” to talk about the end of the longest war.

Sebastian Junger, an author, journalist and filmmaker who’s covered Afghanistan in print and on film, joins the show to discuss what people should have expected in Afghanistan.

Danny Ceisler, an Afghanistan combat veteran who was awarded the Bronze Star while serving with a Special Ops Task Force in 2016, joins the show to talk about the American civilians still in Afghanistan.

Carmen Gentile, a journalist, author and himself an Afghan war casualty, also weighs in. He lost an eye and suffered a crushed skull in a Taliban RPG attack in 2010.

Kaihan, an Afghan student in Chicago, joins the show in-studio to talk about his family’s efforts to get out of Afghanistan.

Plus, NewsNation’s Markie Martin gives a report from Louisiana after Ida struck the state as a hurricane Sunday.

And we bid farewell to Ed Asner. The actor died Sunday at the age of 91.

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