Linda Evangelista opens up after botched surgery, birds fall from the sky in Mexico

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(NewsNation Now) — Linda Evangelista is an international cover girl who has graced Vogue 11 times. But after a botched procedure, she went into seclusion — until now.

Cheryl Burke from “Dancing with the Stars” is someone who has been scrutinized on and off camera for years. She joins “Banfield” with her reaction.

In a quiet little neighborhood in Mexico, folks there were just minding their business when literally, out of nowhere, thousands of birds fell to their death.

Dr. Nat Seavy, director of migration science for the National Audubon Society, explains the phenomenon.

The sad truth is most Americans really don’t like their jobs. A recent survey by found 95% of Americans think about quitting their jobs.

But a select few have started their own businesses. They’ve figured out how to take their side hustle — the thing they’re passionate about — and turn it into a full-time hustle that pays.

A handful of them join “Banfield” to explain how they did it.

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