Moab police release Gabby Petito report, Spears family saga and a new royal pain for Prince Andrew

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Gabby Petito report, Spears family saga and Prince Andrew's legal troubles

(NewsNation Now) — Police in Moab, Utah have released their report about the traffic stop and domestic incident involving Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie. NewsNation’s Brian Entin joins us live to break down the report.

Then, Rob Shuter, author of “The 4 Word Answer” joins us to discuss the Spears family saga, including Jamie Lynn’s comments about her superstar sister.

Sara Nathan, the editor at large at the New York Post, updates us on Prince Andrew’s legal troubles.

Diana Simone, whose idea led to Amber Alerts for kids, joins the show to discuss the system’s success.

Isabel Vincent, a columnist for the NY Post, joins the show to discuss her recent story about a Rhodes Scholar who was allegedly “blatantly dishonest” about her childhood in school and scholarship applications.

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