Outrage after sexual assault charge overturned, former NFL player stops carjacking

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(NewsNation Now) — Many people are outraged after an 18-year-old accused of raping a teenager received unconventional treatment from a judge.

Cameron Vaughan, the victim of the attack, joins “Banfield” to discuss the case.

Also, Robert Blanton might have thought his tackling days were over when he retired from the NFL but he’s making headlines for doing it again to two would-be carjackers.

He joins the show to explain how it went down.

Surveillance video recorded inside Rikers Island shows what attorney Eric Burse said is one of many “fight nights” inside the jail. 

In the video, inmates are crowded around a cell, where Burse said the fight was happening inside. He described inmates as “cheering … throwing their arms up in the air as if it’s some kind of Vegas boxing match.”

Larry Levine, the director and founder of Wall Street Prison Consultants, joins “Banfield” to discuss life inside prison.

Finally, Banfield and comedian Pete Dominick take a look at some stories from the week that didn’t make the news.

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