Questions surround investigation into missing NH girl; what could be next for Elizabeth Holmes after her conviction

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(NewsNation Now) — Many are asking why it took two years for a little girl to be reported missing in New Hampshire. Police are working to track down the answer and find the 7-year-old.

Harmony Montgomery was last seen in October 2019, but was just reported missing to police last Friday when they got a call from the Division of Youth and Family Services.

Private investigator Gil Alba joins “Banfield” to discuss Montgomery’s disappearance and the investigation.

Also on “Banfield,” it was a deal with the devil that just might help Jeffrey Epstein save his friends from beyond the grave. It’s a settlement between Epstein and one of his main accusers: Virginia Roberts Giuffre.

It was signed in 2009 and has been kept under lock and key ever since then — until now.

Joshua Schiffer, a lawyer whose firm represented one of Epstein’s other accusers and Hilary Fordwich, an expert observer of the royal family, join the show to discuss what this could mean for Prince Andrew.

A jury has found Elizabeth Holmes guilty of four charges, including conspiracy, at her former blood-testing startup Theranos.

The former CEO was also found guilty of three counts of wire fraud against an investor.

Legal analyst Michele Hagan, who attended most of the trial, explains what could be next for Holmes.

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