Revelations in Petito case, ‘Rust’ armorer speaks out

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Revelations in Petito case, 'Rust' armorer speaks out

CHICAGO (NewsNation Now) — New details have been revealed in the Brian Laundrie investigation, specifically, what played out after Gabby Petito was killed.

Friday, on ABC’s “20/20,” we learned that the YouTuber known as “Red, White and Bethune,” who spotted the white van in Grand Teton National Park, actually notified authorities.  Jenn Bethune spoke with ABC and it’s believed her information directly helped police locate Petito’s remains.

Those remains were eventually located less than 1,000 feet from where the van was parked.

The case has touched so many people across the country and internationally and all of them seem to want to know the same thing: will there be justice for Gabby Petito?

Chris Swecker, the former assistant director of the FBI Criminal Investigations Unit who led the search for the Olympic Park bomber Eric Rudolph, discusses the case on “Banfield.”

Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, the armorer on the Alec Baldwin film “Rust,” said the blame for the fatal shooting on set falls on the producers. Hollywood veteran Stu Brumbaugh joins the show to talk about the incident.

Also, former NYPD homicide detective Bill Cannon and Florida Sheriff Mike Chitwood join “Banfield” to examine the “Rust” shooting.

Finally, some Kiss roadies are pointing fingers at the faces of the operation and claiming COVID-19 killed one of their own and that safety lapses were to blame. However, the band has a few complaints of its own.

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