Reward doubled in case of 70s Bay Area serial killer, police veteran tapped to restore notorious Alabama department

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(NewsNation Now) — It might be one of the best pick-up strategies ever: Spot the target, draw a sketch of the target, show them the flattering sketch.

This has been the modus operandi of a mysterious man known as “The Doodler.” But there’s no happy ending to these stories. The man has no interest in a date. He’s a serial killer and the objects of his desire often ended up stabbed to death in the Bay Area.

For nearly 50 years, it looked like we would never know The Doodler’s true identity. But that may change soon.

Kevin Fagan, a reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle, joins “Banfield” to discuss the case.

A police veteran has been tapped to help restore the image of an embattled town after allegations of aggressive policing for profit gained national attention.

Ashleigh, who has covered the story from the beginning, takes a closer look into the town — and the police department.

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