The mystery surrounding Brian Laundrie’s phone; the search for Daniel Robinson; Ashleigh addresses Katie Couric’s alleged comments

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CHICAGO (NewsNation Now) — There is now confirmation Brian Laundrie bought a new phone on the very day he disappeared following the death of Gabby Petito.

The FBI has been trying to talk with Laundrie for more than two weeks.

“To my knowledge, they did purchase a new phone and it’s the same phone that Brian left home and which the FBI is in possession of,” said Steven Bertolino, the Laundrie family’s attorney.

Five days ago, the Laundrie family said Brian had left behind his wallet and cellphone at the family home when he disappeared Sept. 14. But at the time they didn’t say it was a phone Brian had just purchased on that very day.

NewsNation reporter Brian Entin brings a live report from outside the Laundrie home.

Also on the show, the coroner is still actively working with Petito’s remains. Joseph Scott Morgan, a certified death investigator, joins “Banfield” to explain what could be next.

While the story of Gabby Petito and the search for Brian Laundrie has dominated national headlines, another family is searching for a missing loved one.

Geologist Daniel Robinson, 24, had been missing for two months before Petito’s name became known across the country.

Robinson was last seen June 23. His Jeep Renegade was discovered overturned in a desert ravine almost a month after he disappeared. His clothes, keys and wallet were still inside, but Daniel was nowhere to be found. However, the Jeep may not have crashed where it was found.

A private investigator says the airbags deployed 11 miles beforehand and that someone tried to restart the Jeep more than 40 times. That investigator also says the damage to the vehicle doesn’t match the terrain at the rollover site.

Daniel’s Mother, Melissa Edmonds and Daniel’s father David Robinson join “Banfield” on the frantic search for their son.

Lastly, The Daily Mail is reporting former news anchor Katie Couric gave Ashleigh Banfield the cold shoulder early in her career because helping her would have been “self-sabotage.” Ashleigh delivers her response to those alleged comments.

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