Gas station owner gives back to community by slashing prices


Close up view of a senior woman paying for the fuel with a credit card at the gas station.

(NewsNation) — When it comes to the price of gasoline, which is now over $5 a gallon in several parts of the county, there’s not much any one person can do to offer quick relief.

An Arizona man, Jaswiendre Singh, found a way to slash his gas prices by almost half a dollar. The average price for gas is a scorching $5.69 a gallon, but Singh is selling a gallon of gas for $4.99.

Singh told NewsNation he wants to give back to his community, but he is losing money by doing it.

A pause in the federal gas tax would also save consumers 18 cents a gallon, or 24 cents for diesel, and President Biden says it might happen.

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