Idaho murders: Ex-marshal explains logistics of extradition


(NewsNation) — The suspect in the killing of four University of Idaho students will be extradited from Pennsylvania to Idaho within 10 days, but just how will authorities transport him more than 2,500 miles across the country?

While police have not disclosed the exact details of the transport, experts suggest Bryan Kohberger will be flown.

John Muffler, a retired U.S. marshal, joined “Banfield” on Tuesday to explain the logistics of how extraditions such as this one typically work. Muffler said Kohberger will likely be flown back to Idaho, accompanied by multiple armed law enforcement personnel.

“He’ll be restrained the entire way, he’ll have a belly chain and handcuffs and leg irons on the entire time,” Muffler said. “He will have very restricted movements when he is in that airplane.”

A flight from northeastern Pennsylvania to western Idaho can take anywhere from four to seven hours depending on the plane, a time frame in which one is likely to get thirsty, hungry or need to use the restroom. If Kohberger needs to do any of that, Muffler said law enforcement will take necessary steps to mitigate risks.

“Anytime he has to get up to, say, use the restroom, it’ll be within eyesight of an agent or trooper, so he will have zero privacy during that time in the air,” Muffler said. “He’ll have some movement, but not any type of movement that will put an agent at risk of their own safety.”

While Kohberger would be free to sleep during the flight, agents aren’t likely to do the same.

“Nobody will be taking their eyes off this individual during the flight. There is no nap time, there is no sleep time,” Muffler said. “He’ll have attention the entire time.”

Although Kohberger is a suspect in a high-profile case, if he is flown to Idaho as part of a U.S. Marshals Service transport, it’s possible he could be on a plane with other inmates.

“From my experience — I’ve worked some of the air ops in my career with the U.S. marshals — there could be 100 or 150 inmates on that plane, all restrained,” Muffler said.

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