Idaho police chief appears ‘overwhelmed’: Retired detective


(NewsNation) — The University of Idaho killer is still on the loose after 26 days, and confusion continues to grow over what really happened. 

The door to the home where the students were killed was reportedly wide open after the attack, a neighbor recently told a reporter. The neighbor reportedly told police, but Moscow Police Chief James Fry was unaware in an interview with the DailyMail.

“It was clear that he (Fry) was overwhelmed with what he had seen,” Fil Waters, a retired homicide detective, said Friday on “Banfield.” “This is not a criticism. This is just the reality that this chief was in no way prepared for this kind of media onslaught.”

Waters said based on his experience, the chief being unaware of the door doesn’t surprise him.

“The chief is being briefed about the progress of the investigation. He is not being told every detail, every piece of evidence, every witness statement. He’s not being given that information. That’s just too much information,” Waters added.

Waters also pointed out that Moscow police have not dealt with a homicide investigation in seven years.

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