Jennifer Dulos vanished 4 years ago in Connecticut

  • Questions remain 4 years after Jennifer Dulos vanished in Connecticut
  • Her husband, Fotis Dulos, was charged with her murder and died by suicide
  • Jon Schoenhorn, the attorney for Michelle Troconis, weighed in on "Banfield"

NEW CANAAN, Conn. (NewsNation) — Four years after Jennifer Dulos vanished in Connecticut, questions remain about what happened.

Dulos, a Connecticut mother of five, disappeared May 24, 2019, after dropping her kids off at school. Her body has never been found. She reportedly feared her husband Fotis Dulos and tried to warn others that he was going to hurt her.

Fotis was charged with her murder in January 2020 and reportedly died by suicide. Two others were also charged with conspiracy to commit murder for helping him: Fotis’ ex-girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, and his former attorney and friend Kent Mawhinney. Troconis and Mawhinney have both pleaded not guilty and are awaiting trial.

Jon Schoenhorn, the defense attorney for Troconis, weighed in on “Banfield” and said there are numerous reasons contributing to the trial’s delay.

“One might blame part of the timeframe, for the delay, on (the) COVID pandemic. There were no trials for more than a year. Everything sort of went dormant, if you will, on every case,” Schoenhorn said.

After that, Schoenhorn believes that the prosecution is to blame for the delay.

“Delay in disclosing evidence, delay in bringing the case forward. And a delay, in the last six-seven months, caused by a frivolous motion to disqualify me from the case so they can call me as a witness against my client. That’s not gonna happen. I think that’ll be withdrawn soon,” Schoenhorn said.

NewsNation affiliate WTNH of Connecticut created a timeline of the case, from the divorce filing to where the case stands now.


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