Lifetime show centers on intruders living in people’s homes


(NewsNation) — When Tina Haun started hearing weird noises and seeing strange things moving around in her house, she thought it was because of a ghost.

But the reality turned out to be even more disturbing. A phrogger snuck into her home and stayed there for months.

Phrogging is when a person secretly lives in another person’s home. 

The intruder was discovered when Haun’s family pulled into the driveway and saw that lights were on in every room of the house.

When they opened the front door, all of the radios were on the same station and so were the TVs — at the highest volume they could go.

“When you come to your home, you’re not expecting that,” Haun said.

Her dad started to check out the house, room by room.

“You could see he was a little scared himself,” Haun recalled.

He eventually checked a closet and standing there was a man with a hatchet, dressed up like a warrior.

Haun’s dad, in shock, told the man “Sorry to bother you, I’ll just shut the door and leave you alone.”

“He thought we were playing a joke on him,” Haun said. “You don’t expect to see that in your home.”

The phrogger, 17 at the time, was arrested, but his family bailed him out of jail two weeks before the case went to court. In that two-week time period, the phrogger ended up breaking into another family’s home and killing them, Haun said.

Haun’s story will be featured on a new Lifetime show called “Phrogger: Hider in My House,” airing on Monday.

When researching the show, producer Jessica Everleth, said she discovered 200 cases of phrogging relatively quickly.

“None of them feel safe in their home,” Everleth said about the residual trauma phrogging can cause. “They’ve never been the same. Every one of the people we’ve spoken to for this series. It’s the really sad part.”

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