Message from an immigrant: Don’t lose what you’ve got


(NewsNation) — No matter how you feel about Thursday’s January 6th hearings, there is something bigger that all of us have to wrestle with.

How much do you love where you live? How much do you love this country?

If you were born here, congratulations! You’re one of the luckiest people in the world. You did not have to work to get here.

If you’re like me, though, it was a goal to come here, to stay here and to become an American citizen. It took a lot of work.

Two American husbands, two American kids, and in 27 years, I’ve never looked back.

But today, watching the last of the January 6th hearings into how and why an angry mob that was hoodwinked into believing our prized election system somehow didn’t work … well, I was almost brought to tears.

Because it did work. Follow the facts. Not Facebook … follow the courts … not TikTok.

Those Americans, on January 6th, were lied to, and they did something that likely 10 years ago, they wouldn’t have dreamed of doing.

They went outside the system and they got violent to get their way. And it almost worked.

If you don’t like the way your leaders are leading you, run for office yourself. Get out the vote, campaign for someone else, do it the way your Founding Fathers asked you to.

This place is great, and trust me … I’ve been to almost 50 countries. There’s no comparison.  

But if you stay in your angry bubble, left or right, you’re driving a wedge into dangerous cracks in this country that frankly can still be repaired.

Consider the closing remarks of one Liz Cheney, a congresswomen who was a staunch Republican, whose dad was vice president. She decided principle was more important than party or presidential fealty.

I get it. Politics is a team sport, but sometimes players cheat. And for the most part, we don’t stand for that, on the field or on the hill. Liz Cheney didn’t.

“So, as we watch the evidence today, please consider where our nation is in its history. Consider whether we can survive for another 246 years. Most people in most places on Earth have not been free. America is an exception. And America continues only because we bind ourselves to our founders’ principles, to our Constitution. We recognize that some principles must be beyond politics, inviolate, and more important than any single American who ever lived. Thank you, Mr. Chairman,” Cheney said.

Regardless of what you think the best direction for this country is, the framework we have seems to have done the trick so far. It’s kept us more than intact!

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