Neighbor of victims submits DNA to police on his own


(NewsNation) — Jeremy Reagan, a neighbor of the Idaho murder victims, tells Ashleigh Banfield he went to police on his own accord to submit his DNA.

He says he hopes it will help make the online sleuths who are speculating that he’s a suspect in the case leave him alone.

“I just went in. (The police) never contacted me. I just figured it’s easier to just try and be proactive, just get it all out of the way sooner rather than later,” Reagan said on “Banfield.”

Reagan also told Banfield on Thursday that this interview would be his last one until the case is wrapped up.

“I feel like a lot of this has become centered about me … It should be focused on Xana, Ethan, Madison and Kaylee. I’m just going to sort of stay out of the public until the case is resolved.”

NewsNation has been covering this story from the beginning, and will continue its investigation in a special hour on Sunday. National correspondent Brian Entin will host “Special Report: Idaho Murder Mystery” on Dec. 4 at 9 p.m. ET on NewsNation. Here’s how you can watch.

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