Rasheem Carter’s former boss denies involvement in death

  • Rasheem Carter was found decapitated outside of Laurel, Mississippi
  • Carter's former boss denies being involved in the death
  • Luke Clements is now being targeted online, receiving death threats

LAURAL, Miss. (NewsNation) — Rasheem Carter‘s former boss Luke Clements is being targeted online by people who think he is involved in Carter’s death.

Carter, 25, was found decapitated outside of Laurel, Mississippi, and police initially said there was “no foul play” in his death.

“We started getting death threats … They started making accusations for my wife and my kids, and then it was relentless,” Clements told NewsNation’s Ashleigh Banfield about death threats he’s getting from strangers online. Evidence shows Clements was not involved in the crime, and he denies any involvement in Carter’s death.

Clements said he was getting calls every minute until his voicemail box filled up, and text messages were “horrific.” It got to the point where and his family is now in hiding.

“You and your family will suffer, and your kids will suffer for the rest of their life,” one online threat read.

Carter’s mom, Tiffany, previously told NewsNation’s “Banfield” that she believes her son was targeted by white men who had previously hurled racial insults at him. Carter told his mom about this group of white men harassing him via text message. Then, he went missing and his remains were found scattered in a wooded area.

“They said ‘no foul play’ so quickly that they made Tiffany Carter and her family believe that they were trying to sweep it under the rug,” Ben Crump, a prominent civil rights attorney, previously said on “Banfield.” Authorities didn’t have much response “until our firm, and a lot of other people, started to say, ‘This doesn’t add up. You cannot try to tell this broken hearted woman that her son being found with his head decapitated was natural.’”

Clements said he also wants to find out what happened to Carter.

“I want to help any way we can. We have made every effort to address any of these accusations that have been made. It’s just unfortunate. It’s been a rough time,” Clements said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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