Reckless speculation wreaks havoc on life of Idaho resident


(NewsNation) — Online crime sleuths have latched onto Jeremy Reagan, a neighbor of the Idaho murder victims, and deemed him a suspect.

Reagan told NewsNation’s “Banfield” that people have been “ruthless” about digging into his entire personal life.

Reagan reached out to a prosecutor to clear up misconceptions after online communities speculated that he refused to give DNA to police.

“Officers came by my house today (Tuesday). They talked with me, they interviewed me. They didn’t bring anything to collect DNA today. They said, ‘If we need you, will you come down to the station?’ I said, ‘Absolutely,'” Reagan said.

Reagan said he was in bed when the murders took place, and he clarified that he did not know anyone living at the house.

He confirmed that he has been carrying around a gun with him to feel safer.

“Just having it on me gives me that extra sense of security, especially now where cyber sleuths may or may not come. They’ve already contacted my friends asking questions about me. And so who knows if someone’s gonna go so far as to try and confront me in person,” Reagan added.

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