Ronald Reagan would have ‘tough time’ in today’s GOP, son says


(NewsNation) — One of the most beloved Republican presidents of all time might not feel at home with modern politics.

Michael Reagan, speaking on NewsNation’s “Banfield” show Tuesday, said his father, Ronald Reagan, would have “some trouble” with today’s political climate.

“John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan today would have a tough time in their respective parties,” Reagan said. “I’d like to think Ronald Reagan would still win the nomination and John Kennedy would still be in a position of power. But [Kennedy] would be too conservative and my father would be too liberal for the Republican party. The parties have both changed over all these years.”

Reagan blames the rise of social media for the shift, and said people are “angry” today.

His solution harkens back to a classic line from the 40th president: Reagan thinks more leaders should talk about America like it’s a shining city on a hill.

“I don’t care if you agreed or disagreed with John Kennedy — he loved America,” Reagan said. “I don’t care if you agreed or disagreed with my father — he loved America. We have nobody out there anymore that’s talking about loving America.”

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