Scientology secrets: Executive left church after abuse


(NewsNation) — Mike Rinder was a high ranking executive in the Church of Scientology, and he says much of what has been whispered about the church is actually true.

In 2007, at the age of 52, Rinder left Scientology. He then wrote a book “A Billion Years: My escape from a life in the highest ranks of Scientology,” which reveals, he says, “the insanity that goes on at the highest levels” of the church. The former executive also said that spying, intimidation, cover-ups and even violence at the hands of its leader, David Miscavige, were all things happening in the church.

Rinder explained that celebrities are treated very differently that regular members in Scientology.

“Celebrities are held on a very high pedestal because they give credibility to Scientology. The way that they get treated is very different than the way that others get treated. And that particularly goes for what happens when they have a marital situation … Scientologists look at the life of Tom Cruise and go, ‘Well, he’s the most successful movie star in the world, so we give him a pass on not living up to the standards that Scientologists are expected to maintain with respect to marriages.'”

Watch the full interview above.

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