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(NewsNation) — This week, NewsNation has been focusing on the lifeblood of the American economy: truckers.

Truckers move over 72% of the nation’s goods, and life on the road isn’t easy. Typically, truckers are sleeping in crammed areas and depend heavily on truck stops for a bathroom or kitchen.

But not always. ARI Legacy Sleepers is hoping to change the trucker lifestyle with their luxurious cabins that attach to semitrucks.

Depending on how much you’re willing to spend, customers can have everything from custom-made tiles in the bathroom to a stunning chandelier.

“Banfield” senior story editor Paula Froelich had the chance to tour one of the lavish cabs, and luckily for us, she took us along for the ride.

Photo courtesy: ARI Legacy Sleepers

From the inside, ARI Legacy Sleepers look more like luxurious homes. Sleepers, by themselves, cost around $170,000. For a sleeper cab and a chassis, the cost is $380,000, according to an ARI representative.

Photo courtesy: ARI Legacy Sleepers
Photo courtesy: ARI Legacy Sleepers

You can have a queen-sized bed, a flat-screen TV and even a fireplace.

They also feature dish satellite and internet options.

Photo courtesy: ARI Legacy Sleepers

In the kitchen, you can have a full-size fridge, a microwave, a stove and a full-size sink.

Photo courtesy: ARI Legacy Sleepers

One of the best parts is the amount of storage.

Photo courtesy: ARI Legacy Sleepers

Interiors come in several themes, including dark and neon lighting options.

The outer views of these sleeper cabs are also pretty fancy.

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