Source: Idaho victim had Bluetooth speaker in her room

(NewsNation) — Could a Bluetooth speaker provide an additional key piece of evidence in the Idaho quadruple murders case?

A source with knowledge of the investigation revealed that Idaho victim Kaylee Goncalves had a Bluetooth speaker in her bedroom.

Even if a phone is in airplane mode, a phone could still potentially connect to a Bluetooth device.

Forensics and cybersecurity expert Clark Walton discussed on “Banfield” whether a Bluetooth link could prove suspect Bryan Kohberger was there.

“Your iPhone does keep a record of what Wi-Fi networks, you’ve connected to. … Potentially for this case, the last date and time that that phone was connected to that Wi-Fi network. And the same works for Bluetooth, as well,” Walton said.

Walton explains what digital footprints phones may leave behind with other electronic devices in the video player above.


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