The price for summer fun is going up — here’s how to save


(NewsNation) — Record-high inflation continues to hit Americans’ wallets, and the high prices are also affecting some favorite summer activities.

Going to Disneyland? That’ll be $1,000. Catching a baseball game? $200, please. Seeing the latest summer blockbuster? It’ll run you nearly $70.

Those numbers from The Hustle reflect the average price for a family of four to enjoy those activities. In major metros such as Boston, Chicago or New York, the costs can be even higher.

Travel expert Jeanenne Tornatore joined NewsNation’s “Banfield” on Wednesday to offer families tips on how they can get the most bang for their buck this summer.

For amusement parks, “book your tickets in advance,” Tornatore said. “You’ll always find that they’re cheaper online.”

Thrill-seekers should also avoid parking on-site at the amusement park, but instead seek out hotels that offer shuttle services. As for food, pack your own snacks and water.

“Some amusement parks will even allow you to bring coolers in so you can really accommodate the entire family,” Tornatore said.

On visits to big cities, Tornatore suggests buying passes that offer admission into multiple museums and attractions. Discounts are often available and it can be cheaper to buy a bundle pass as opposed to tickets for each attraction individually.

For sports fanatics, consider attending minor league games, which are often more affordable. Some parks may also allow you to bring in your own food and water.

And families wanting to catch a flick on the weekend can save a few bucks by buying one large bucket of popcorn instead of multiple small ones, Tornatore said. Just bring some sandwich bags to distribute the snack to each person.

Avoiding the theater altogether can help, too. Look for movie nights hosted by the city or surrounding communities.

“That can be a really great, entirely free option,” Tornatore said.

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