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Tourists seen ‘dark lurking’ near Gilgo Beach killer’s house

  • Rex Heuermann is charged with three Gilgo Beach killings
  • Since his arrest, tourists have been seen lingering around his house
  • 'People are very attracted to murder and mayhem': Criminal profiler

(NewsNation) — Gilgo Beach suspect Rex Heuermann’s house on Long Island became a tourist attraction after his arrest, The New York Times reported.

Police are reportedly fining anyone who is seen lingering near the home.

During an appearance on “Banfield,” criminal profiler John Kelly said that “dark lurking” is a result of people’s attraction to “murder and mayhem.”

“They’re not showing the family any empathy. I mean, because the family and children, especially along with the wife have been really affected here,” Kelly said.

Heuermann’s arrest July 14 marked a stunning breakthrough in the hunt for a suspected serial killer who had eluded investigators and whose crimes gripped Long Islanders since the bodies of four women — all of them sex workers — were found wrapped in burlap near Gilgo Beach.

Within months, the remains of six other bodies, including a toddler, were discovered elsewhere along the same beach highway. Heuermann has not been accused in any of those cases. Police have said the deaths may be the work of multiple killers.

Heuermann has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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