Understanding the mindset of Casey White


(NewsNation) — “Thank goodness that they were that dumb,” Callahan Walsh, the co-host of “In Pursuit with John Walsh,” said during an appearance Monday night on NewsNation’s “Banfield.”

It is believed that capital murder suspect Casey White and former Alabama corrections officer Vicky White were in Evansville, Indiana, for six days before they were captured.

Callahan says Casey and Vicky had to have known that their images were all over the media and that it is very surprising they were out and about.

“Going to ground, which is settling down and stopping, and staying in one place for a while, is an effective technique. And it can be used on occasion strategically,” Walsh added.

“The stress that someone in this situation is under, I can’t even begin to describe that to you,” Joel Lambert, a former Navy SEAL, also said of the manhunt.

In addition to service as a Navy SEAL, Lambert was also the star of the television show “Lone Target.” In each episode, he had 48 hours to elude the best fugitive trackers in the world. This included the Korean National Police in South Korea and the U.S. Army’s Phantom Recon Unit in the Arizona desert.

“When I was doing this television show, the stress I was under, under pursuit, by some of the world’s best tracking forces, was enormous,” he said.

It’s when people are under an extreme amount of stress, Lambert said, that they start making mistakes.

After the crash, Vicky White was rushed to a hospital for a self-inflicted gunshot wound. She has since died at the Evansville Deaconess Midtown Hospital. An autopsy will be performed Tuesday morning.

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