Victim’s dad: Sex offenders shouldn’t be allowed out of jail

  • DOC proposed changes after Jesse McFadden's case
  • Dad of slain Oklahoma teen says more needs to be done
  • 'They should spend the rest of their life in prison': Justin Webster

(NewsNation) — The Oklahoma Department of Corrections proposed changes to the prisoner credit system following criticism of sex offender Jesse McFadden’s case.

“The only way to change this culture and the perception of the agency is challenge everything we do,” DOC leader Steve Harpe said. “This McFadden case is tragic and no one wants to see a repeat of that. We’re all working together to figure out what the next steps are.”

Harpe created an executive position on his team that will oversee certain cases and entirely take away “prison credits,” which serve as an incentive for convicts to follow the rules.

Justin Webster, the father of victim Ivy Webster, told NewsNation’s “Banfield” “it’s about time” for change but more can be done. He’s determined to prevent a similar tragedy from happening again.

“There needs to be longer sentences for these sexual predators and sexual offenders. If you ask me, they should spend the rest of their life in prison,” Webster said during an appearance on “Banfield.” If they have the ability to destroy a young kid’s life, the sexual predator should be locked up for their entire life.”

McFadden, a convicted rapist, had been freed from prison early despite the fact new felony charges had been filed against him three years earlier. Those charges stemmed from allegations that McFadden exchanged nude photographs with a 16-year-old girl while in prison.

After his release, McFadden was arrested again, but was let out on a $25,000 bond in November 2020. His trial was set to begin just days after he allegedly killed six people and then turned the gun on himself.


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