What behaviors might killer display at victims’ vigil?


(NewsNation) — Police were present at the Wednesday vigil for the four murdered University of Idaho students amid “community concern and fear” about the suspect not being caught yet.

NewsNation’s Ashleigh Banfield spoke with body language expert Scott Rouse and retired FBI agent Robin Dreek on Wednesday about what police might have looked for in the crowd if they were to suspect the killer attended the vigil.

Rouse said that looking for facial expressions, “true expressions of sadness, or grief,” would be a good place to start. However, because the suspect “obviously knows” they’re being watched, it may be very challenging to actually identify them.

Dreek said if someone is going to return to a crime, “it’s because they have a sense of grandiosity, narcissism or psychopathy.”

“They’re looking to try to push the limit of what they can do and what they can be exposed to.”

Dreek also pointed out that it’s easier to find people who are “standing out from a norm than it is to try to look for individual tells.”

Rouse referenced psychologist Paul Ekman, Ph.D., whose studies showed how certain facial muscles stick out when people are grieving. However, it’s unclear if the suspect would actually show this, as they are “possibly under the impression they’re smarter than everyone else. And then they’re thinking, look what I’ve done. These idiots don’t know I’ve done this, and I’m right here in the middle of them.”

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