What does Curtis ‘Cousin Eddie’ Smith know in Murdaugh case?

(NewsNation) — Alex Murdaugh claims Curtis “Cousin Eddie” Smith is responsible for the death of his wife and son.

The attorney representing Smith, however, believes her client will be a star witness in Murdaugh’s trial and that as a result, Smith’s name will be cleared.

“I believe that when he (Murdaugh) lured Eddie out to the side of the road, he was gonna kill him and blame this whole thing on him … I firmly believe that was what was gonna happen,” Aimee Zmroczek said Monday during an appearance on “Banfield.”

Smith was arrested in connection with an insurance fraud scheme involving Murdaugh. He allegedly shot Murdaugh last September, so Murdaugh’s remaining son Buster could collect $11 million in insurance money.

But Murdaugh’s attorneys now say that the man, who is known as “Cousin Eddie” to many, failed a lie detector test when asked if he killed Maggie and Paul Murdaugh.

Zmroczek assured “Banfield” on Monday that Smith will be “telling the truth.” She also confirmed that there haven’t been any conversations about a plea deal regarding Smith.

“The basic story has not changed and that honest truth will be told when Eddie is sworn under oath to tell the truth,” Zmroczek said.

Jury selection began Monday for the trial of Murdaugh.


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