What is quiet quitting, and why has it caught on?


(NewsNation) — Are you feeling burnt out at your job, but quitting isn’t an option?

Gen Z may have a solution, but it’s sparking some controversy. It’s called “quiet quitting,” and it means consciously deciding to put in less effort at your job. The hope is to avoid burnout and work just hard enough to not get fired.

TikToker @zkchillin explains “quiet quitting” in his viral video that has more than 3 million views and nearly 500,000 likes.

“We’re talking about quitting the hustle culture, the idea that you need to be on 24/7,” psychotherapist Amy Morin said Monday night on “Banfield.” “It’s about saying, ‘I’m going to set some healthy boundaries and work on my work-life balance.'”

However, Ranjay Gulati, a business administration professor at Harvard Business School, says there are risks associated with the phrase “work-life balance.”

“What’s implicit behind “work-life balance?” It’s that work and life are separate, meaning I’m not living when I’m working? We’ve created this kind of … notion that work is somehow an abstract idea of something you do that is not living,” Gulati said on “Banfield.”

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