Slain Microsoft exec’s widow: Case detail not just ‘random’ 

(NewsNation) — Slain Microsoft executive Jared Bridegan’s second wife, Kirsten Bridegan, believes there’s a potential connection between her husband’s murder suspect and Jared Bridegan’s ex-wife.  

Bridegan, 33, was killed during an ambush nearly a year ago. He had two young girls with Kirsten Bridegan, and a set of twins from a previous marriage with Shanna Gardner-Fernandez.

On Feb. 16, 2022, Jared dropped off his elder children at the Jacksonville Beach home of his ex-wife, police said. He was driving home when detectives say he potentially spotted a tire on the road and pulled over. Police believe he was shot and killed as he exited his car. His 2-year-old daughter, still in the back seat, witnessed the killing.

Police announced Wednesday that they arrested Henry Tenon, 61, in connection with the ambush killing of Bridegan.

Kirsten Bridegan told NewsNation’s “Banfield” on Monday that Tenon was renting a property owned by Mario Fernandez, who is married to Jared’s ex-wife, Gardner-Fernandez.

“I don’t think that’s random. It’s a million-in-one shot that was a random connection. … What are the chances?” Kirsten Bridegan said.

Jared Bridegan. (Source: Jacksonville Beach Police Department)

Gardner-Fernandez recently moved 2,800 miles from Florida to the Pacific Northwest, uprooting the 10-year-old twins she had with Bridegan, prior to the arrest of Tenon, Fox News Digital first reported.

Her marriage to Bridegan ended in a bitter divorce, with Gardner-Fernandez accusing him of abusive behavior. In return, Bridegan claimed Gardner-Fernandez was disparaging him to their children.

Following Bridegan’s death, Gardner-Fernandez complained that she and her children have suffered harassment due to the media attention following the case. That, she said, is why she hired a criminal defense attorney.

Gardner-Fernandez has denied having any connection to her ex-husband’s death.

Kirsten Bridegan told “Banfield” she’s been persistent in attempting to reunite her children and their siblings but has been unsuccessful in contacting Gardner-Fernandez.

“I had hoped that if I was persistent, she would come around and realize that she’s further abusing and damaging these children by not allowing them to be together to mourn together, to support each other. But it’s fallen on deaf ears. And now there’s not even a chance of meeting at a park and letting them play because they live clear across the country,” Kirsten Bridegan said.


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